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Digital Media Brands

Sophisticated Digital Consumer Experience

About Our Digital Media Brands

Social media shopper marketing company that drives sales for brands and retailers by applying our extensive realizer and CPG experience and innovating in the space between them. We develop innovative social content with engaging, real-life stories to generate high powered customer digital engagement.

Customers Seek Digital

  • Digital coupons 2.5x vs. prior
  • Digital print at home +12% vs. prior
  • Digital shelf in aisle +19% vs. prior
  • FSI’s (print)   –11%
    (Source: Inmar “State of the State” webinar 7-13-13)

Item Level Offer Stakeholders


  • Shopping experience
  • Safe & easy
  • Pre-shop & in-store


  • Experimenting
  • Segmentation & budget control
  • Omni-Channel


  • On platform offers
  • Off platform offers
  • Access to SKUs


  • Common names and process
  • $1.2 Billion FSI
  • On platform offers
  • Report ROI
  • Report sales impact
  • Natural foods
  • Multi-cultural

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